University of Madeira’s Education Research Centre (CIE-UMa) has been committed since 2003 to furthering scientific, pedagogical and professional knowledge in the field of Educational Sciences, as well as disseminating and applying the results of research.


  • Promoting, coordinating, and supporting research projects in the field of Education
  • Disseminating research results to the scientific community, Education professionals, and the general public
  • Contributing to updating and improving the training programs of Education professionals
  • Supporting research projects leading to Master’s and doctoral theses in the Centre’s research areas
  • Managing relevant information in the field of Education research
  • Supporting the presentation and publication of scientific work resulting from projects developed within the Centre’s sphere
  • Optimizing support services for research work in terms of resource efficiency
  • Encouraging and supporting the submission of projects for funding from public and private institutions



  • BELONG (Comenius University, Masaryk University, Central European University, Nottingham University & Slovac Association for Quality Enhancement in HE)


  • MQE: Software para Investigação Qualitativa em Educação (UMa, Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Universidade da Bahia & Universidade Federal de Alagoas)
  • REDE MOSAICO: Rede Internacional de Projetos de Intervenção Educativo (UMa & Universidade do Estado da Bahia)
  • “Three-Two-One-Action: Cultural Digitalization”: Erasmus+ KA2 Turkey
  • Macaronight: European Researchers’ Night (UMa, Universidade de La Laguna, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canárias & ULPGC Science and Technology Park)
  • FORWARD: Fostering Research Excellence in EU Outermost Regions
  • INCORE HEI Initiative
  • INNOMAC – Iniciativa de Promoción de la Competitividad Empresarial y Desalida a Mercados Globales de las Empresas Inovadoras
  • “Entre Ilhas: Ser docente numa aldeia global” (Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina)
  • Colaboração no grupo de estudos do UFPB (Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brasil)
  • TICASE-Qualifica (IFBA – Instituto Federal da Bahia, Brasil)
  • Projeto Value (Bélgica, Eslovénia, Dinamarca & Portugal)

Research areas


The role of educational policy in the construction of the curriculum; the pressures and interests underlying the construction of the curriculum; the relationship between knowledge and ideology, culture and power.

J. M. Sousa (Coord.)

Pedagogical innovation

Studies on new learning contexts and paradigmatic shifts; critiques of past paradigms; exploration of the future of education.

C. Fino (Coord.)

School administration

Principles and practices of school management; leadership styles; assessment systems; analysis and development of educational projects; school organizational culture.

N. Fraga (Coord.)

Community development

Processes of social change, transformation, and innovation; education and training projects in collaboration with public services and institutions

L. Rodrigues (Coord.)


CIE-UMa is a National Research Unit funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) through the Multiannual Funding of R&D Units 2020-2023: Base Funding (UIDB/04083/2020) and Programmatic Funding (UIDP/04083/2020).

Internal regulation

Regulation nr. 1255/2023, published in Diário da República on 23 november 2023.


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